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Opening Times

Monday 10:00 -18:00

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Everyone of is an individual...

We each have our own thoughts, feelings, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values.  Therefore, I firmly believe in a Client centred approach.  I offer many Therapies, all of which prove themselves, time and time again, to be very effective, either on their own or collectively as a unique Therapy pathway.  I pride myself in creating a tailored and focused Therapy, we know, what works for one person, may not be so effective for another....

To ensure the most effective and time efficient Therapy, it is invaluable for me to initially meet the Client and understand them, for the unique individual they are - I do this at the Consultation.

Often, the Client may ask if it is ok to bring someone along to the Consultation for moral support, be it a family member or a partner. (If it is a Child or young adult under 18, then a Parent or legal Guardian should be present). If this is something the Client wants, then I always encourage this, as having someone else with the Client can be a great support and also helpful for the Partner or family member to understand the clients situation and Therapy better.  Which can, often help them feel more involved and a part of the Clients journey and recovery.  

At the Consultation, we sit in a relaxed, private area, I am conscious that this may be a nervous time for the Client - talking to someone about things they may have never discussed with anyone before. I create an informal, friendly atmosphere and within a few minutes Clients seem to settle in and start to relax quite quickly.

Although the Consultation is relaxed, my goal for the Consultation is to completely understand the Client and their situation at a deep enough level to be able to offer a bespoke and effective Therapy and plan. Therefore, I do follow a structure in this session, which begins with lots of questions.  I will also explain, in a simplified and understandable way, how the brain works and how problems and issues develop and how the various approaches & techniques that I use could be helpful. Together, we end with an agreed plan.  

Many Clients feed back that they feel so much better after the Consultation.  I believe this is because, they no longer feel alone with their problem and they can finally see a potential solution and an end to their pain and suffering.

I pride myself on being an approachable and friendly, non-judgemental, honest, effective and confidential Practitioner.  If you would like to book in for a private Consultation, please visit the Booking page or call me for a confidential chat.


Suzanne Bond

RGN & Advanced Clinical Practitioner