Angela Whitworth  

recommends The Mind and Body Clinic 5*

12 November at 14:26 · 

I have been seeing Suzanne for unconscious mind therapy. She is the most welcoming and warm person, very professional and willing to make you feel at ease. I would fully recommend Suzanne for any therapy sessions and the work she has done with me reducing pain has been amazing. Always goes above and beyond the call of duty making sure your wellbeing and therapy is continuing. I cannot thank Suzanne enough for the impact she has made to life and controlling pain.

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Our bodies are miracles of nature and in most cases they will heal themselves without any conscious input - it is this aspect of the mind that Steven Blake has spent many years researching, investing and helping thousands upon thousands of people become pain free.  Suzanne Bond has been personally trained with Steven & now offers the Steven Blakes Methodology - OldPain2Go® in The Mind and Body Clinic and via Skype/Facetime/Zoom.

Pain is a message - it is there to alert us to a new injury or problem. The level of pain will alert us to the level of urgency required to deal with the issue. 

We seek help, get a Medical diagnosis - the pain has done its job, it should then go. There is no reason for this pain message when the only thing that can be offered is pain relief. But sometimes 'old pain messages' continue & we become stuck listening to the same message, which has no benefit at all.

It is like being in a burning building - the fire alarm alerts & everyone leaves the building....the fire then gets put out and the alarm goes off - its safe to go back in the building. But imagine if the fire alarm continued to sound - it would drive everyone crazy & how would we be alerted to a new fire? 

This is what is happening with an 'old pain message' - it is an outdated program that needs deleting, so we can be aware of any 'new' pain.

OldPain2Go® is a simple methodology based on how the brain processes information -  we change that old, out of date program for an up-to-date one, its not Hypnotherapy & a Trance is not required.

The process is simple - the results are truly incredible!