The Mind and Body Clinic

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Suzanne Bond
Registered Nurse, Tutor & Advanced Clinical Practitioner 

Collating 30 years of knowledge and experience from the Health Care Industry, Suzanne founded the Mind and Body Clinic in 2015, her mission still remains, to make a positive change to peoples lives.

Suzanne ensures the most up-to-date and effective testing, treatments & therapies for the promotion and health of the complete Mind and Body system.

Suzanne is trained to an advanced level in many Therapies &  with everyone being so unique,

 it is crucial to carefully select the most appropriate treatment for each Client, therefore an indepth initial consultation is essential.

 A full clinical assessment is undertaken, where a plan is created to help each client reach where they want to be as quickly and effectvely as possible.

As an Independent Registered Nurse, Suzanne may also, request or refer on for medical investigations 

Supported with a Team of experienced, talented & professional Therapists, the Clinic also offers other specialist massages & therapies for male & female clients.

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